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Lisa's note:

Hey, I found the comments you were referring to. Please forward them to Roberts if you think it will help the story. The bathtub thing was in response to my op-ed about anarchy in the Rocky. Found it by googling: try-works jones moredock bathtub

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We Think We We Struck A Nerve

Over at her place, Lisa Jones is a little upset with us, and is demanding that Ward Churchill immediately condemn us in no uncertain terms. I challenge Churchill to issue a statement condemning Try-Works and distancing himself from it in no uncertain terms. Unless, of course, he agrees wholeheartedly with Moredock and endorses the blog. I challenge him to take a position either way. He's never been shy about taking a position. I anticipate that Churchill and his defenders will say that Moredock has the right to free expression. Off the top of my head I can't think of a right that's not coupled with a responsibility. Free expression involves accountability. You can't just accuse people of infidelity, child rape, genocidal racism, torture and ties to Nazism. There are laws prohibiting the publication of false, malicious statements that injure an individual's reputation or otherwise expose him or her to public contempt (thank you, AP stylebook.)

Really, we can. And we're pretty sure we can do so legally. Here in the blogosphere we like to call it hyperbole and/or satire, both of which are decidedly legal. It's the reason why much more widely-read sites like Wonkette, Defamer and Gawker aren't shut down. Not too mention this guy. It's also the reason why we are completely within our rights to call you a dumb fucking cunt, and even, yes, post pictures of Vincent Carroll done over as Charlie Manson. And, my, we're still chuckling over that one. Frankly, ma'am, we'll take your ill-nature as evidence we're doing something very fucking right.* And by the way, Ms. Jones, our coke-dealer was a one-legged grade-school girl in the post. That was the joke. Get it? Oh, fuck it. Humorless bitch.

posted by Moredock at 4:17 AM


EM Rosa said...
Well, look on the bright side. At least this time she has an argument. Albeit one that falls flat on its face when compared to the concepts of humor and opinion. But hey its an argument! We are making progress here, she's going through the process of backing up here claims. Brave Ms. Jones. Bravissimo.

10:47 AM

Wicked Witch said...

Lisa Jones, you clitless circus freak, SUCK MY DICK. Hey look, Chickie Brennan's got some free time in his romantic life right now. Why don't you go ask him to show you his clippings? Or is it that your tarted-up, anti-AIM, anti-anarchist screeds just are not seductive enough to get you a personal invite to the Evil Empire on Colfax? Really, sweet pea, could you be any more of an Ugly American try-hard?

4:05 PM

Boy Howdy said...

Lisa Jones thinks Churchill answers to HER???(giggle-giggle-wheez) The Witch is right, sweets, you really do need to get laid (even if it's by that rotten-rodded twit known as the Chickadee).
6:15 PM

Anonymous said...

What makes you think you "can't just accuse people" of all those things, Lisa? Seems to me that the cast of characters you're defending has accused Ward Churchill of everything from wife-beating to fraud, with stops along the way at terrorism and treason. All that without a shred of evidence, and with no noticeable protest from you. In fact, you've chimed in from time to time as a slightly off-key part of the chorus. So, Lisa, do enjoy the sensation of gettin' righteously fucked up the ass in exactly the same fasion you and yours have been fucking people all along. With a wood rasp. How's THAT for meating my responsibilities?


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